Student Volunteers 2018 
Sean Bate (Digital Communications)
Amelia Brown (Registration)
Rachell Crawford (Front of House)
Emma Paige Davis (Registration)
Mikala Ferguson (Front of House)
Jayne Keogh (Front of House)
Rebecca Kilpatrick (Front of House)
Elizabeth Riek (Front of House)
Christian Rizzalli (Curatorial)
Samantha Rowe (Front of House)
Morgan Tasker (Front of House)
Nikia Tester (Front of House)

Kinnane Endowment Fund Curatorial Intern
2017 Emma McLean

Kinnane Endowment Registration Intern
2017 Rebecca Johnson

Summer Research Scholars 
2017 Sean Bate (Digital Communications) 
2017 Amelia Brown (Registration)
2017 Emma Paige Davis (Registration)

Winter Research Scholars 
2017 Marcella Fox (Advancement)
2017 Natalie Partridge (Advancement)

Don Tugby Bursary
2016 Michaela Bear (Curatorial/Registration)
2014 Emma Szczotko (Registration)
2013 Emily Poore (Curatorial)

The Mark and Aileen Rose Heiser Bursary
Nicola Garrett (Education)
2015 Carmen Armstrong (Curatorial)

Industry Placement Bursary 
Sarah Bradley (Curatorial)

UQ Society of Fine Arts Bursary
2015 Molly Green (Registration)

Industry Research Scholarship
2013 Emily Poore (Curatorial)

Student volunteers in the Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room