prostrate your horses: weather and then some – Rosemary Laing at The University of Queensland Art Museum

26 September – 15 November 2009

Rosemary Laing’s complete weather series (2006–2007), including a group of the artist’s working drawings, has been gathered together for the first time in Australia. Additionally, the weather series has been brought into conversation with a number of related works, including Laing’s Natural Disasters series (1988), and works from swanfires (2002/2004), remembering Babylon, a collaboration with Stephen Birch (2003), one dozen unnatural disasters in the Australian landscape (2003), to walk on a sea of salt (2004) and a dozen useless actions for grieving blondes (2009).

Not a survey, the exhibition looks to place the weather series with particular works so as to discover some of the thematic concerns that have underpinned Laing’s work over a period of two decades. Many of the exhibited works speak literally or metaphorically about natural and unnatural disasters, while being charged with suggestions of cultural turbulence.

Rosemary Laing is a Brisbane-born artist who lives and works in Sydney. Her photographic work has been critically acclaimed internationally.
Curator: Michele Helmrich


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Education Resource Kit

  • The Education Resource Kit the unquiet landscapes of Rosemary Laing published by the Museum of Contemporary Art is available here

Published by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2005. Reproduced here with permission of the publisher strictly for educational purposes, and in relation to the exhibition prostrate your horses: weather and then some – Rosemary Laing at The University of Queensland Art Museum.


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Rosemary Laing
weather #10 2006
Type C photograph
Edition of eight
Courtesy of the artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne