In 2000, 53 artworks were bequeathed to The University of Queensland by Dr (Jeffery) Graeme Bennett.

The Graeme Bennett Collection is one of the most significant art bequests to the University. It comprises works by Australian artists such as Sam Atyeo, Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, Charles Condor, Ray Crooke, Lawrence Daws, Robert Dickerson, Sidney Nolan, Clifton Pugh, Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, Timothy Dempsey Tjungurrayi and Hayward Veal, along with works by international artists, including British artist Graham Sutherland.

Dr Bennett graduated from the University in 1966 and obtained a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He specialised in cardiac and thoracic surgery in England until the 1990s when he moved to Thailand, where he worked at the Chulalonghorn Hospital for the Thai Red Cross Society. Throughout his life, Bennett holidayed regularly to Australia and visited the University whenever he was in Brisbane.

While he was living overseas, Dr Bennett attended various exhibitions by Australian artists, and supported them by purchasing their work. However, he felt strongly that Australian art should remain in Australia, and was inspired by several other benefactors to the University, including Dr Norman Behan. Dr Bennett dedicated the Collection to his father Mr Geoffrey Bennett and to his uncle Dr Roger Bennett, a Brisbane anaesthetist, who inspired him, and from whom he inherited the nucleus of his Collection.

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Charles Conder 1868–1909
River scene on the Ept 1902
oil on canvas
54 x 42 cm
Collection of The University of Queensland. Graeme Bennett Bequest in memory of Geoffrey Francis Bennett and Dr Alwyn Bennett, 2000