Joseph Marioni makes his paintings by running paint down the canvas, and yet insists that the work is intended. Robert MacPherson crushes sticks of charcoal onto paper in what again must be seen as a form of process art, and yet worries that the work will turn out too beautiful. What is the relationship between these two bodies of work, and their opposing attitudes towards the outcome of the process that brings them about? 

Marioni/MacPherson reflects upon the role of aesthetics in art today. Is beauty something to be aimed at directly or can it only be arrived at inadvertently? Or, on the contrary, is beauty to be avoided and is this really possible?

Author: Rex Butler
Other Authors: Ingrid Periz and Michael Fried
Published in 2013 by The University of Queensland Art Museum on the occasion of the exhibition Marioni/MacPherson, 13 April – 23 June 2013 
ISBN 978-1-74272-072-2 – PAPERBACK
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