The University of Queensland Art Museum was established in 1976 to house the artworks collected by The University of Queensland since the 1940s. In 2004, architect Hamilton Wilson of Wilson Architects transformed Mayne Hall – a building originally designed by Robin Gibson in 1973 as the University’s graduation hall – into a well appointed art museum, aided by a major donation from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The University of Queensland was one of the first universities in Australia to acquire works of art and to use bequest funds for this purpose. With over 3,900 works, The University of Queensland Art Collection is one of Queensland’s most significant public art collections. The Collection comprises works by Australian artists from the colonial era to the present, and the Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese antiquities. In addition, The UQ Art Museum is developing the National Collection of Artists’ Self Portraits, the only collection of its kind in Australia. The UQ Art Museum presents a dynamic program of exhibitions designed to provoke enquiry and to explore a wide range of issues relevant to UQ academic life and the broader social life of our audiences. These exhibitions, predominantly contemporary in focus, are diverse in content, form and cultural context.